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    Startup Disk full. I have external backup drive. Can I delete folders in My Lightroom photos?

    birderpp Level 1

      I am using Mac Intel OSX Lion. I received a screen message that stated my startup disk is full. I am positive this is due to my 10,000 or so photos (mostly RAW files) stored in My Lightroom photos folders. Since my photos are externally  backed up can I delete those 9000-10,000 photos in various folders of My Lightroom? And by doing this do I free up disk space in my computer's hard drive?


      I might also mention that photos created in LR5 are saved to folders in the Mac's Pictures area under "Favorites." So am I duplicating, i.e, doubling the file hogging capacity, because it is in Pictures and also in LR5. Any help is much appreciated.