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    Loading external SWF files...

      Hopefully I can make sense of this. I have my main SWF, which is a background image and a bar of buttons at the bottom. When you click one of the buttons, the loader object imports another SWF to cover the background. First time is not a problem, but if you were to click on another button at the bottom, the original background image flashes through as the new page gets loaded in.

      I know this isn't a big deal, but it bothers me. How can I go about creating a smooth transition between the files?
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          Place the background image into a MovieClip. Place the MovieClip on stage where you had the background image. Give it an instance name in the properties window on stage and then set its _visible property to false on all the buttons or call a function from the buttons that does that.

          However if you are using loadMovie, you will still see a gap if the same target is used because the target is destroyed at the start of the loadMovie method and until the internet serves up the first frames of the external swf the target is empty.

          A buffering approach can be explored by using more than one target, MovieClipLoader and swapping the multiple target depths (or transition tweens) when the MovieClipLoader.onLoadInit method is called.
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            ApatheticAnonymous Level 1
            Okay, I just needed to be sure the short gap was normal, and not coding issues.

            And thank you so much for the suggestion. You helped me out a great deal.