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    When a user changes their mind in a form, my fields don't update accordingly


      Hi all,


      I have a calculated date field that's working really well, and depending on the answer to that calculation, different fields are populated for the user, and an "application fee" is calculated.


      That is, my form is an application form for accreditation of an activity. The form asks for a date of proposed event, and the date of submission, and then calculates the number of days between those dates and then either tells them 1) they're not eligible to apply at all, OR 2) They will be charged a late fee (and the late fee appears in a field below) OR 3) they move onto the next question with no late fee being added.


      However, say you've already picked an option to get a late fee, but then they go back and mess with their dates so that they don't get a late fee, the late fee doesn't disappear from the form.


      Hope this is making sense