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    Please help - Photoshop won't open

    hobos dust


      I just bought photoshop elements, installed it and everything was fine.  Like a dope, I downloaded a graphic from a website, and tons of adware/malware was also loaded on my computer.  I couldn't stand all the popups and junk, so i used the Dell Restore to restore the computer to the point right before I loaded photoshop.  After that was done, I reloaded photoshop, and now I can't get in to the program.  (The popups went away.) The opening screen comes up, I choose "edit photos" instead of "organize"...the moving ribbon comes up as if it was thinking, and then it goes away and the opening screen stays there.  No error messages.  If I choose Organize, I can get in to the photo organizing section with no problem.


      I'm running Windows 7.  I tried uninstalling photshop, reinstalling it, uninstalling it, ran the cc cleaner, reinstalled it, uninstalled it and removed the preferences, rebooted a million times, uninstalled and reinstalled again....I still can't get in.  If I click on a .psd file the opening screen comes up and it sill just sits there.  I went into Organize and loaded an update, that went fine, but still can't get in to photoshop.


      Can anyone help?  I appreciate any assistance you can give me!

      Thank you,