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    HTML into Flash please help!

    Overload.moh Level 1
      I want to put a HTML webpage into a certain field that is scrollable and when a link is clicked that box will change to give the content from the new page in that field ... please help, and also can javascript hover-off links from a webpage be put into flash?
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          1. Flash contains a TextField component which has limited html support, not enough to support the usual html required of an active web page.

          Supported html tags for Flash Player 8

          2. You can use usual html anchor tag in a Flash TextField.

          3. You need to turn on html for a Flash TextField. This can be done in the IDE or in Actionscript.

          4. You can also use CSS formatting in a Flash TextField.

          5. For rollovers of specific parts of a Flash TextField, you will need to use Actionscript and generate TextFields for each part of the addressable text such as every word or every phrase goes into a separate TextField and then the TextFields are aligned to appear as one larger TextField.

          Flash requires a different design mentality than do HTML/CSS/JavaScript pages. So there are more creative approaches to present the information you have using Flash that are not easy or even possible in HTML/CSS/JavaScript.