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    Configure CFBuilder 1 on IIS 7.5

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      Some help required please.


      We have a current set up with CF9 running on a win 2003 IIS6 server, also on the same server is CFBuilder 1. My 'production code' lives in c:\inetpub\wwwroot and my developement code that is viewed in CFBuilder is on

      ColdFusion9\wwwroot\codeDevelopment. The server I have set up in CFBuilder has a document root of ColdFusion9\wwwroot, this all works fine and has been for about 3 years.


      We have a requirement for a 2nd server, so I bought us CF11 and CFbuilder 3 - after a terrible time trying to get these both working on the same server as I have the current set up I have given up. Also, most of our sites have heavily chart based. After discovering the differencies to the CF11 charting engine vs CF9 it was another reason to give up.


      So - I have decided to deploy a 2nd CF9 installation.The new server this is on is a win 2008 R2 (64-bit) running IIS 7.5. I have CF9 (32-bit) working as it should and now want to add CFbuilder so I have an environment that matches the current one.


      I can install CFbuilder 1 with no issues but I cannot seem to start the server. Because I have IIS on this box I am choosing type 'other' not Jrun when I am adding a new sever. The question is how do I start this server ? It cannot be started from the CFBuilder app, so how do I start it ?


      Or - am I going about this all the wrong way, should I be setting up my environment differently, am I making life difficult for myself. I will confess I am not a developer and have been 'getting by' with this over the past 3-4 years. When I set this up at first, this just seemed a reasonable way to set it up - should I be doing it differently ?


      Any commect / help appreciated.