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      Hi I am new to the Edge applications. and I am wondering if theres some information about them that can help me in my up coming projects i am working on for my self. I am a photographer college graduate. but i am self teaching myself the other applications. I am wondering about how can the edge applications help with muse and DW applications as far as designing web sites?  according to adobe Business catalyst as a partner, i cant import a muse site to my free partner account , but i can  if i export muse to html and use Dreamweaver to upload it using SFTP to my free account.


      What is edge animate?


      what is edge code? can it help with editing html muse web sites?


      what is edge reflow?


      what is edge inspect?

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          You should review each of the Edge line of applications from their respective product pages - Explore Adobe desktop apps | Adobe Creative Cloud


          Reading your question and since you primary focus will be on Muse websites, then I think its safe to say

          - no, Edge Code will not help in editing html Muse web sites: Muse is designer cenetric, by-passing any code behind workflows - attempts at manually editing the html output will disrupt the Muse project file.


          ReFlow creates starter 'responsive' layouts; Animate creates interactive elements/pages; Inspect is intended to test creations directly onto your mobile devices.


          Muse has Desktop, Tablet and Phone layout options, so Inspect will not not be applicable in your case. Same with Reflow - since design-time is done directly inside Muse, no need for Reflow either. Muse does work well with Edge ANimate as they can be imported as asset within or throughout the Muse project.


          If you were not using Muse, then yes: Reflow, Edge, Inspect could be a part of your workflow.



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            i see. I was just trying to figure out how all these applications go together . so  far i only mastered the photography side of the applications, but from a designer side. having a difficult learning. i say this. because my teachers told me my design skills are week. so for me to master them. i need to learn as much as i can about design . thats why i made it clear when i go back to school that i use my photography in design . thats why i was asking about the applications so much for me to learn and self teach myself. before i go back to school for my BA degree.  if i can master the basics now. then i will be a step up on the class projects. i have heard that the Arts institute was hard.




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              When you mention 'design skills' in what aspect are you referring to?

              Graphic Design or Web Design?



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                basic design. and yes it evolves both of those as well


                see part of the degree for photography. i took basic design and color and comp. my teacher told me i kept doing abstract. i had a hard time even drawing, or painting.


                so design over all.



                i was told photographers use design in there work. because i started the program with no background, just jumping into the program. thats why some skills were week.



                i know i have the talent in me. i just have to find a way to bring it out.  everything i learned in photography school was taught to me. now i am trying to take it and use it to help me now.


                thats why i ask questions.  mix media designer is now what i am thinking of becoming. i found out they do everything , from photography, video, graphic, web

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                  Sounds like you will be juggling a lot.


                  As for web design I would focus on learning HTML5 and css - these two will give you a foundation in web design. As for the tools to use to learn them is entirely up to you. Dreamweaver should suffice. Edge Reflow is a nice starter application to get a feel for 'responsive' layout designs that can be carried over to Dreamweaver for post production. Muse is nice but it 'skips' the core knowledge/foundation of web design (HTML/css).


                  Good luck with the learning.

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                    thanks. i actually found out some new info. its not mix media. i believe its digital media. still trying to understand the difference . but i managed to get a email back from a class mate of mine. who took digital media. at the same school i got my associates in commercial graphics in photography from



                    either way yes ill be doing a lot.


                    heres an example of a use to be photographer, that turned into a lot more. he came to my school and talked to the class. he told me that big companies like National Geographic who i want to work for. they are now having there photographers do more than just photography. such as video, or graphic design. this artist is an inspiration to me.  Bob Krist Photography | Photographer/Videographer



                    so thats my reason why i am wanting to do more than just photography.

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