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    Hi. I am unable to open Lightroom 3 on my iMac.


      I have returned from holiday to find my Lightroom3 will no longer open. As a photographer with a newborn baby shoot arranged this week. It is causing me a lot of stress.


      I noticed the icon has changed from the normal LR one on my Doc station. I still have the normal LR icon as a shortcut on my screen, but LR won't open from any of them. I tried The alt key as was suggested in forums. But nothing opens. You can see the new weird icon in the screenshot i took.


      On the 9-8-14, I installed a new Time Machine backup external hard drive . I've noticed the last Lightroom Backup was just before i went away on holiday the day after the TimeMachine was set up.


      I'd appreciate any help, as i am not at all computer minded and have no idea where to start to rectify the problem.



      Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 14.15.28.png