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    Is Photoshop cc support for linux ? if supports which distro i have to use?


      Hi ,

      I wanna to use photoshop cc in Linux . Kindly give suggestion which is best o not.

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          andy_bob_newton Level 1

          Adobe refuse to support Linux despite many thousands of requests, but some luck can sometimes be had using wine or virtual machines. For which, there are various tutorials online.

          however, heres a few alternatives that may work better for you and are slowly replacing cc for me (with only one weekly video left that's uses an after effects template for its motion graphics).

          • ARdour
          • blender
          • pixeluvo
          • inkskape
          • gimp
          • kdenlive
          • darktable
          • and a few others that are available in Ubuntu studio.

          There are others such as open shot, light works, rawtherapee, audacity, pitivi and more but I rarely feel comfortable recommending things I don't use myself. There's no real "creative suite" but almost all that Adobe can do is joining the Linux world and due to the direction of windows OS and Mac in general, Adobe is gonna be left behind as people are moving to Linux. I'm still learning blender for video work as previously I'd only used it for 3D modelling but pretty soon it will remove the last reason for needing CC and windows with it so I may soon be unsubscribing from CC and donating the extra cash to the projects I've mentioned above or using it hardware upgrades such as a new GPU for each workstation and may consider subscribing again should Adobe begin supporting Linux and actually listening to the customers