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    cfcharting not working cfmx7.0.2

    cutie369 Level 1
      Hi we recently started using our development server again and we noticed that cfcharting was not working. I tried applying the hot patch. http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=kb400074
      I also made sure that I had a mapping in the administrator pointing to the CFIDE folder which is in our web site root.

      I tried placing a 0 length GraphData.cfm file. I also verified that the JS file is in CFIDE/scripts/CF_RunActiveContent.js
      None of these methods seemed to work. We were having the same problems on our production machine but we are running W2003 on producttion and W2K on development. We also get a JavaScript error saying object expected. It does not work in any browsers. Here is the link to the bad page. http://surveys.tms-hq.com/chart.cfm

      The Code works fine in production as you can see.

      I need to solve this. Any help would be most appreciated.