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      Photoshop was working for me just fine a week ago. Only thing I may have installed since than was an upgrade patch for a game known as Diablo 3. Anyways, now when I try to open it, it almost shuts my monitor completely off, almost. The faintest of the faint can be seen, I've memorized and managed to be able to hit my "start" button (Yes, I am on PC - Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit) and go over to my "switch user option" which will then re-correct the issue with the screen, go back into my own admin user profile and there is photoshop. Now here's the even trickier part. I can click and select different tools along the side, but as soon as I try to open a new file, say the size I want it to be, etc etc and hit "open" it just locks up on me. Everything it does all this like clockwork, wtf is going on?