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    Pre-comps loose Quality when putting them in parent Comps


      Hi there!


      I got quite a problem with my AE project and I really don't know what to do. I already Looked up the forum but didn´t find any useful help till now.


      The Problem I got is that I am working on quite a big project and need to fit precomps into parent comps (most of the times through varios layers)

      This time when I fit a precomp in it´s parent comp it looses quite a lot of quality. If I do this again (putting the hole thing in a new parent comp) it even looses more quality!


      I checked all my compositions and all are set to full quality at 1920/1080. I am using raytraced 3D and fast draft for quick render, but when I RAM preview render my projekt with full quality it still shows big deficits and pixelation.

      Here you got some screen shots, maybe they are helpful:

      Sphere Passt.PNGSphere Schlecht.PNG

      iPhone Passt.PNGiPhone Schlecht.PNG


      I hope someone can help me.


      Thank you a lot in advance!


      PS: Re: Precomp "losing" quality on the parent comp     Already saw that post, but unfortunately it didn´t help me out/couldn´t understand what I have to do.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          You might have the layer quality set to Draft.  We can't tell for sure because we can't see the comp's Switches pane.  In the first screen shot, the magnification is set to 200%, so it wouldn't look very good.

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            Bivamasi Level 1

            Yeah the first picks are always the "real" quality in the precomp, and the pixelated ones the quality I get in the parent comp.


            I looked up some things again and finded kind of a solution. In the composition setting under advanced y added the options of preserving quality and framerate and now it works.

            It kind of messes around the composition borders and anchorpoint in the parent comp, but that can be changed, so it is ok for me.


            Thanks for your help!

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I cannot replicate your problem if the scale value of the pre-comp is at 100% or less and the scale value of the layers inside the pre-comp are 100% or less. If the layers are 3D then I cannot replicate your problem unless the 3D layers are closer to the camera than the zoom value. IOW, if the zoom value for the camera was 1200 and the camera was at the default X and Y and the Z was -1200 and the 3D layer was at z = 0 then the equivalent scale is 100%, but if the 3D layer was at z = -600 then it would look the same as scaling 200%.


              It's hard to judge anything from your first two screenshots because the zoom factor in the comp window is set to 200%, so it's going to look a bit rough. Also, we can't see any properties of the layers that are giving you problems. We can't see if these layers are 3D or if you have collapse transformations turned on, or if the layers are vectors. The only way I can replicate anything close to your problem is to scale a layer over 100% or move the camera closer than the zoom value for the lens. Otherwise, as long as you have the quality set to best everything works as it should.

              Like I have said many times, if you hare having problems with a layer and need help please reveal all changed properties of that layer by selecting it and pressing the U key twice then giving us a screenshot. Your globe apparently looks bad in the original comp, because I don't see a good render of it anywhere, so give us the info on those layers also and we'll probably be able to figure it out. ONLY vector layers without raster effects applied can be scaled to any size without loosing quality. All other layers must be at or close to 100% scale to avoid degrading the image.

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                Bivamasi Level 1

                Hi there again.


                The problems I got aren´t because of a specific Layer. The problem appears when putting one composition into another parent composition. The precomp I put inside the parent comp looses quality. The settings of both compositions are exactly the same and no draft mode ist selected. I am not zooming around or anything either. There are just 2 3D Objects on a 2D layer (and some other 2D stuff) Here I put now complete screeneshots:


                The pic. above is my precomp. Quality and everything is fine and it looks like it should. Cool. Now when I take this composition and just put it into another composition with exactly the same settings, it should look exatly the same way (no zoom or anything , just drag and drop into another comp):


                As you can see the quality is a lot worse then it should be (the sphere the iPhone etc.). I didnt change a layer or set a keyframe or zoom or anything and the parent comp has the same settings as the precomp. So it should show exactly the same. But for some reason it doesnt.

                Now what I found out is that in the advanced comp settings I can put "preserve comp quality when nesting" so I do that. If I put now the composition into it´s parent comp then this happens:

                parentcomp passt.PNGparentcomp passt2.PNG

                Ok first things first: Quality is fine, so the most important problem is solved.

                But what happens doesn´t really make sense for me. Despite the fact that both comps got exactly the same quality/framerate/pixel settings, when I put the precomp into the parent comp it is shown as if the precomp would be 4 times bigger (if I take now the parent comp also with "preserve quality when nested" into another comp the same happens).

                It also messes around with a weird anchorpoint position and the comp "margins" are shown only in the upper left size of the layer (as if the layer would be much smaller then it really is). I dont know why this happens, but at least I can transform my (precomp-)layer normally and fit it into the composition, so that´s fine for me.

                It´s more work when animating, but at least the quality stays the same.


                Maybe someone knows a better solution?


                Thank you already for your answers. I hope this is specific enough...

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                  Bivamasi Level 1

                  Here my comp. settings just in case:

                  settings 1.PNGsettings 2.PNG


                  Just to inform:

                  I got only 2 raytraced 3D Layers in my comp ("precomp") that are compositions (the mobile devices). This ones contain layers where I modelled the apple devices.


                  Another strange thing that happens is that after resizing the "big" precomp to fit it´s parent comp, when working with the parent comp, if I select a position in the time ruler, it first shows the comp like if it wouldn´t have been transformed and then it automatically resizes it back to the settings I gave it. It´s like it would always calculate the size again. Also the size it gives to the precomp I put into a parent comp is exactly doubled, so I reduce it to 50% to fit the comp. 

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Like I said before, I cannot replicate your problem. You didn't show me the properties of the pre-comp where the quality is bad. You have a couple of nested comps that you have set as 3D layers. in your Device Introduction 2 comp. (BTW, it's easier to figure out what you are talking about if you name the comps in your question) What is going on in those comps? Why don't you have a camera in the Device Introduction 2 comp?


                    There is nothing that I can do to recreate this problem. What happens in your system if you just put a couple of shape layers in a comp then nest that comp in another? If that works without problems then there is something going on in your Device Introduction 2 Comp that is fouling things up. Start turning off layers or effects until you find the culprit.  Here's what I get with a nested comp inside a nested comp. The only way to foul things up is to collapse transformations in Comp 2 because when you do the rendering camera becomes the camera in Comp 2 (the default active camera) instead of the camera in Comp 1 so the framing changes.

                    Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.41.06 AM.png

                    EDIT - I missed the Ray-Traced Device Introduction 2 composition. I was not looking for it because you didn't mention it in your project description. Why are you Ray-tracing a comp when the only 3D layers in that comp are the iPhone 3D intro and the iPad 3D intro? The only thing you can do to a pre-comp with ray tracing is bend the layer. I don't see any bending going on. If you are animating those pre-comps in 3D space then just turn off Ray-traced rendering and see what happens. If those nested comps are not animated in 3D space then turn off 3D. If you extruded the Phone and the IPad in their pre-comps then leave those comps ray-traced but turn of Ray-traced rendering in your Device Introduction 2 composition.


                    We could have gotten to this part of the trouble shooting if you had explained that you have a composition that is giving you trouble when it is nested in another comp. The comp that is giving me trouble contains 2 nested comps that are ray-traced extrusions of an iPhone and an iPad and a sphere that was created with some effect (I don't know how you made the sphere). Now that I understand the project a little better I'll bet that turning off Ray-traced rendering in the problem comp will fix everything.

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                      Bivamasi Level 1

                      There you gave me the help I needed!!!


                      That was the issue. The Device Introduction 2 comp I nested in another comp (despite the raytraced thing, that was also right, but didnt affect the quality), I didn´t activate in the parent comp the little "sun" to collapse transformations.

                      When I do that the qulity get´s back to normal and everything is fine! No need of take the button "preserve resolution when nested".

                      I don´t really know why this works out now to be sincere, but it definitely does just as I expected!


                      Thank you a lot.