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    how can i correctly install Adobe Indesign 2014 without breaching EULA  - VMWare View/Citrix


      Apart from the fact that Adobe does not support Virtualised apps.  - - Best effort support  bla bla.

      I need to install a single user license on a Server and stream the application to a (1) users desktop. Why ? -  because our desktops are non persistant, so we cannot install apps or licenses directly.

      The only clause I can find relates to CS5. (Below)


      http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/indesign/pdfs/indesign_cs5_citrix_s upport_document.pdf


      End-User Licensing Guidelines

      You must have a valid license to the desktop version to respective InDesign or InCopy software (“Soft-ware”)

      for all users who have access to the Software on a Citrix XenApp Server 5.0 terminal server-- not for the number

      concurrent users. All use is limited to users on your Internal Network, as defined in the Software End User License



      How does this apply if at all  to my environment?