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    Slow rendering in After Effects CC 2014


      I'm using Adobe After Effects CC 2014.02 on a Macbook pro with 10.9.3 OSX installed. Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 16.17.07.png


      I need to render a composition that is 3 minutes long, without any special effects or video. It's just a 500 mb Photoshop file with some movements. This takes anywhere from 7 to 30 hours to render. I rendered a similar composition before and this only lasted 20 minutes. Rendering it at a third of the quality only takes a couple of minutes, so the 7 to 30 hours seem excessive.


      These are the memory settings:


      Installed RAM: 16,00 GBCurrent RAM Usage: 9,64 GBAllowed RAM Usage: 11,00 GB


      Process IDApplication NameMin Needed MemoryMax Usable MemoryMax Allowed MemoryCurrent MemoryCurrent Priority
      1105After Effects0,4016,0011,009,64

      1 - High


      Tried clearing disk and media cache, boosting RAM and installed CUDA, but nothing worked. What could be the problem?