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    Problem importing .vpe into After Effects CC 2014

    simon.risbridger Level 1

      I am having Issues importing .vpe files exported from Photoshop CC 2014 (2014.1.0 - most recent update to date) into After Effects CC 2014 ( - latest update to date) on Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.4. After a (lengthy) couple of chats to Adobe customer support I was advised to update both programs to fix my original issue outlined in this thread VPE issue and this has half way fixed my issues (The export from Photoshop now works properly).


      The problem I have now is that when importing the .vpe file to After Effects I get an error:


      "Unable to execute script at line 107. Function newLayer.transform[sel].setValue is undefined".


      The process creates a composition and a folder which is meant to contain the .png's. Inside the composition, the one imported .png is present, but no parent or camera layers.


      Is anyone else experiencing this? Is the bug present on Windows? Does anyone know if this will be fixed in the update forthcoming? It isn't listed as one of the stand out bug fixes.