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    My PSCS4 will not open my (RAW) converted to DNG files

    Princess Doom

      I have windows 64bit and my camera is a Canon T5i. I tried downloading the Raw file reader upgrade into the program files and program files (x86) like it stated, but later read fine print and it doesn't work with my camera. So I downloaded the free adobe file converter and converted my RAW images into DNG images and my photoshop still wont open my files. I have been looking for tutorials and everything! No one knows how to help me fix this. I do not have 400$ to upgrade to CS6 and I truly can't afford 10$ a month subscription for this hobby (I have a 1yr old and was recently in a car accident). Please help me!! I NEED to open these files, but I don't want to convert to .jpeg unless I absolutely have to. Pictures are to show that they are in DNG format and the error that I am continually receiving despite my best efforts.bleh111.pngbleh1112.png