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    How can I install an extension when it conflicts with an existing one that doesn't appear in the list of extensions?

    Jesse Fowler

      I'm trying to install Guide Guide for Photoshop CS 2014 using the Adobe Extension Manager CC but when clicking on the 3.1.2-guideguide.zxp I recieve the following error, "This extension cannot be installed, since it conflicts with a existing one. To install this extension, please remove the extension 'GuideGuide' which has been installed in ", then install again."  Note that there is some code breaking in there where ", is.  When I open Adobe Extension Manager CC there are no extensions listed.  None under any of the products to the left.  I can't uninstall it if it's not listed.


      After reviewing the forums I have gone into my %appdata%\Roaming\Adobe\ folder and removed all folders for previous versions of Adobe Extension Manager.


      Any help with this issue would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time.