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    Issue with RAW conversion for Fuji X-T1


      I've been using Lightroom for a year or so. I've recently purchased a Fuji X-T1. The RAW conversion is very poor.

      Upon research I've seen that this is a known issue, and LRv5.4 includes a fix for this, but the results are still very poor.

      Not just for shots with foliage in (as I've seen reported in various blogs, forums, etc), but for most shots I've taken so far.


      Are there plans for a further 'proper' fix for the Fuji X-trans sensor cameras?

      I don't want to stop using LR, but will have no choice if there are no plans to improve this (a lot).


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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe doesn’t usually preannounce changes and anyone who might know is covered by a non-disclosure agreement.  It is possible that Adobe is working on something but it is also possible they’ve done as much as they can with the resources they have.  


          At least your question can be seen as a rhetorical one as a way to complain about how you don’t like the current improved conversion compared to other raw processors and the camera, itself.


          Personally, I won’t buy a Fuji X camera due to the quality of the conversion in Lightroom.

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            stevedkelly Level 1

            Thanks for the info, ssprengel.


            That's a shame.

            Yes it's really unusable, which is a killer as the camera is great. 


            I hear what you're saying but for me I can't let my RAW-processing software dictate what camera I can/can't have...particularly after doing lots of research (on which camera to get) and settling on the X-T1.

            During my research I did stumble upon this issue, but really though (more like 'hoped...with all my being') that the 5.4 updates had fixed it.

            Perhaps if I'd seen it with my own eyes first I might've reconsidered the purchase of the X-T1.


            Oh well, where there's a will there's a way!

            I guess for now I'll see what other options I have on Windows. With a quick google I think my current options are Photo Ninja and Capture one, so I'll hope they have trial version to try out.