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    Unable to save LiveCycle PDF form in Adobe Reader: Steps on Adobe don't work

    cgriffel Level 1

      I went to follow the steps provided in the help video on Adobe. Two issues I couldn't solve:


      1. How do you login to LiveCycle via the web as an admin? How do you get to the LiveCycle admin portal?
      2. The local host (http://localhost:8080/ReaderExtensions) is unavailable. Every time I try to go there I get a 500 error message page. What is the new local host?


      The steps I followed were:



      So according to a video on its official website, in order to enable LiveCycle forms in Reader so they can be saved you need an Adobe Reader Extension which means we need a Reader Extension Credential loaded onto the server. For that you need to purchase a Reader extension license from Adobe.


      However, there is a trial version Eric or Jay could instal for me on the Remote Desktop. They can find it at:




      They will want to download the “Trial Reader Extensions Certificate” under “Downloads and updates”. It’s a 30 day trial which should work fine for our needs.


      The credential then needs to be imported into the Adobe Administrator. To do that they need to:


      • Login to LiveCycle as an admin (via the web?)
      • Go to “Settings"
      • Go to “Trust store management”
      • Go to “Local credentials”
      • Click “Import"
        • Trust store type should be “Reader Extensions Credential”
        • Give it a name (i.e. Alias)
        • Browse to credential file
          • .pfx is the credential file
          • .txt is the password
            • Right-click the .txt
            • Click “Open”
            • Copy password from notepad
            • Close notepad
            • Open the .pfx file
        • Paste in password copied from .txt file under “Password” in import form
        • Click OK



      Then there’s something about going to Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions program (http://localhost:8080/ReaderExtensions). Don’t ask. I’m personally lost at this point.


      In Extensions program they need to:

      • Select the Extensions credential
      • Click the check box next to
        • “Basic form fill-in”
        • “Import and export data”
        • “Submit outside of web browser”
        • “Database and web service connectivity”
        • “Digital Signatures”
        • “Commenting”
        • “Online Commenting"
      • Set “Draft Level” to “Final”
      • Click the check box next to “Full Save”
      • “Browse” to the SNAP Survey I created and saved on the server.
      • Click “Apply”

      In new window that appears:

      • Click “Download”
      • Save back to the server