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    Turning an object inside out

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      I am using PS CC and I am trying to turn an object inside out. I'm using the image below and essentially I am trying to get the blue teeth to show up on the outside of the circle (creating a gear shape). Any ideas short of cutting off a tooth and duplicating it around the outside?


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          The illustration above may be the solution you are after. The bottom layer is the image you posted with your message. The layer above it to holds a dupe of the bottom layer image plus the mask that eliminates the internal teeth. The top layer holds the essence of the technique: A tooth was copied from the bottom image and placed on the outer rim of the ring. Then the Free Transform tool was used with a step-and-repeat technique -- using the center of the gear as the pivot point and a 45 degree rotation distance for each tooth (360 degrees/8 teeth = 45). It produced the ring of teeth shown in the top layer. Accurate placement of each tooth is precise, semi-automatic (you just strike a key to create each tooth) and fast. If this approach to the problem meets your needs but you are unfamiliar with the Free Transform/step-and-repeat method, please let me know and I will set about writing and posting detailed instructions for you.