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    Panel size inconsistency

    Roy Marshall Level 1

      Hi all.

      I am fairly new to making my panels native doc-able panels using Eclipse with Extension Builder. Up till now, I have been creating floating panels just using ScriptUI.

      I am pretty happy with the new process, and its good forcing me to brush up my HTML.

      I have build a panel, that works fine on my InDesign CC 2014, but when a colleague has the same extension installed, he gets strange extra blank panel space.

      He has re-installed the extension (using ExtensionManager) and its still happening.

      The Bundle Manifest/User Interface is set to the Min, Default and Max dimensions to be the same, so this as far as I can see should make the panel size absolute.

      Here are 2 screen shots showing the effect...

      The only difference is I am using Mavericks on a newer MacBook, and the incorrect Mac is on and older MacBook, running Mountain Lion.

      Does anyone have any experience with this? I would happily send the extension to others to check for me..