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    Replace Color from Different Layer

    whamalamaboom Level 1

      Hey everyone!


      I'm trying to use replace color and it doesn't seem to let me select a desired (target) color from a different layer, only from the layer I'm working on. Is there a way to change this behavior? For example, say I have a red ball on layer 1 and I want to change it to the same color as part of a shoe on layer 2. I could have sworn that normally I could just click the "result" box and use the eyedropper to select the target color from the shoe but the dropper will only sample colors from the ball layer.


      I don't remember layers making a difference before so I want to know if this is the default behavior or if something is just whacky with my settings. I can easily get around it by just entering in the hex code of the desired color instead of using the dropper but that's tedious. I'm using CS6 on Windows 7. I can't attach the actual image due to usage restrictions. I know of alternatives, but I'm asking specifically about this method. Thanks!