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    How to change the movie clip a button links to???

      I am working on a website in Flash that had already been designed by someone else. There are a number of buttons across the website that are linked to the same symbol. Those buttons link to movie clips, in the button's actions, that pop up as small windows providing more information in regards to the button clicked. The problem is that I cannot figure out how to properly change the link association between button and movie clip.

      Here is the action script for one of the buttons:

      on (release) {
      _root.scroller._x = 100;
      _root.scroller._y = 150.7;
      _root.TM_title = "About Chris Smith";
      _root.READ = 3;

      When I change the number after "root.READ =" it will change it to another movie clip but I how do I know what that association is based on? For instance if I make a duplicate movie clip how can I make the above script link to it? Also, what exactly does that last line in the above script mean? When I tested various numbers, like 3 and 6, they would link to the same movie clip.

      Please help! This is driving me crazy!