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    Lightroom catalogue is missing files!

    redfordl2012 Level 1

      today when i went into my lr catalogue to view pictures some were missing.  This has happened before.  so under lightroom on f drive i went into recent lrcat5 backup  and clicked twice.  This usually restores the missing pictures or entire folder,but not this time.  Out of 4700 images their are 501 with the ! mark in small rect. box on upper right of picture. I hit on one of the images and clicked locate the miss file,but could not find them as it said orig. file could not be located. The missing images are not on the f drive.    What steps can i take to restore these missing images.  No i have not done a backup recently of my images on an ext. hard drive.  I don"t know the cause of it as i did my routine post processing in lr5 a few days ago on some of these images and did some work in pe10  and then they were returned to lightroom.  Heeelp!! Perplexed!  Thanks.   Irwin lakin

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If and what steps to take depends on what happened to the images.  LR doesn’t move or delete images without your telling it to.


          If the images are on an external drive, perhaps the drive letter changes based on what else is also plugged into your computer.


          Were the missing images moved somewhere else?  You can use your OS file-searching capabilities to look for them.


          Were the missing images deleted?  Are they in the trash or recycle-bin? 


          Do you work with more than one LR catalog?  Where you might have done a Move Import in one catalog of the same images that were already in another catalog and so that second import will move the images so that the LR catalog you did the first import to won’t be able to find them.

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            redfordl2012 Level 1

            My lost images were in the recycle bin.  How they got there I do not know. Occasionally I delete an image from disk etc  and do my regular processing in lr5. Why am I losing images about once a month or so.  this seems to be happening.?  A friend who has lightroom  does not have an issue with this.. Is their a corrupt file somewhere?  What can I do to correct this issue from happening again?  I noted when backing up my pictures with a program called second copy it also backs up the xmp file with the corresponding image.  Is there a way just to back up an image without the corresponding xmp file?   Thanks!!

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              Am having the same problem.  Files imported ok tonight and then when I tried to edit them, it said the photo was missing.  Looked at one of my older catalogues and they were gone too.  Yet I had just imported photos to another catalogue, developed them and then exported without any problems.  Stumped.

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                Vincent Walter Level 1

                I don't have many issues I can't figure out.

                Anyway working on existing job,  went to folder in lightroom, brought up job.  Noticed that TWO of the photos I am needing to work with aren't in lightroom.  NO panic, there they are in the folder via the Apple desktop finder.  So I go back to re-import job figuring I accidently deleted them from LR cat.  Well I go to import there the files are (with the other 200) greyed out as if they are in the catalog.  So aside from re-naming the whole job and re-importing the whole job, what give in this situation?  I checked that all filters are off..  I don't know where to go next.  Thanks for responses.