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    Cannot get Kobo eReader authorized by ADE, yet my Toshiba laptop is okay.

    very puzzled Level 1

      Since January of 2014 I have not been able to use my newest Kobo Glo eReader. When I try to tansfer my books from my library to the ereader, ADE does not recognize

      my ereader when I connect it to my laptop.  I have been trying everywhere for help and no one can figure why ADE cannot tell the ereader is plugged in ready for the

      transfer of the ebooks.


      My first Kobo worked fine until the on/off power switch failed.  Kobo sent me a replacement and I cannot get it to work.  All my books are in my Adobe Digital Editions library

      (no problems getting books) I just can't get them transferred from the library to the ereader.


      I DESPERATELY NEED HELP!   If I don't get this resolved, I am going to buy a tablet.


                                                            Thank you   M. Codner