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    Font size in annotations different depending on version of Acrobat

    jesseg7681 Level 1

      I have a very simple script that changes the font properties for all annotations:

      for (i = 0; i < annots.length; ++i)


          var rich = annots[i].richContents;

          for(var j in rich)


              rich[j].textSize = 16;

              rich[j].fontStyle = "normal";

              rich[j].underline = false;

              rich[j].fontFamily = ["Calibri", "sans-serif"];

              rich[j].weight = 400;


          annots[i].richContents = rich;



      The problem is with "textSize". On Acrobat 9 Pro, it appears quite large while with Acrobat XI Pro, it appears much smaller.

      Is the difference in font size between the versions a known issue and is there anyway to workaround it?