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    Waiting for a connection...


      I have installed the Adobe Inspect app on my Android 4.4.4 , I have installed the extension for Google Chrome on my Window 7 desktop, I have installed Adobe Edge Inspect CC on my Window 7 desktop.  I am signed in to creative cloud. Both the device and my laptop are connected to the same WiFi network.


      I cannot get the Android device and laptop to recognize each other. The extension in Chrome, it's just spinning and says "Waiting for a connection..."

      I have tried tapping the "+" on my iPhone and have added the IP address manually and get the message "Connection unseccessful, please try again."


      Connection to Port 7682 is established only when Edge inspect is running.

      Firewall Connections are open . Find below the screenshot.



      Console tab in background.html on chrome browser does not gives any error.


      Please assist and help me resolve the issue.