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    youtube videos will not play in any browswer, i've tried



      I have windows 7. 64 bit.

      Recently I cannot get youtube videos to play in pale moon, internet explorer, opera, or waterfox.

      when i tried chrome, it did work. But i discovered, they were in html 5.

      flash videos on other sites such as dailymotion play fine.

      I also cannot download from youtube, whether using firefox addons or third party programs.

      my default browser is pale moon, and i am running the latest version.@

      In settings for flash player, i have disabled "enable hardware.

      I have noticed in global settings for flash player, that in the advanced section, it tells me that

      active x version is not installed nor is npapi or ppapi plugins.are not installed.

      okay, this weird, the youtube ads will play in flash mode, but the main video won't.