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    Animating Text in AE?


      Hello everyone!


      So to start off I am using Windows 7 and I have AfterEffects CS5.

      After doing my animations and rendering video in Photoshop (also CS5) I have turned to After Effects to do some simple (at least I hope it's simple) text animations.


      It's for a spooky project so I was hoping to do an animation where text slowly moves towards the camera, some letters blinking.

      Another animation I think would be even easier is just simply blinking text.


      I am having a hard time trying to find a tutorial or example how to do these animations while trying to figure out After Effects (first time user, can't you tell?) I am glad the movie is importing correctly, but the text animations is what is causing me problems.


      I really hope this is a simple fix and I am just suffering from staying up too late and thinking too much about it.


      Thank you so much for any help!