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    Easy workaround for price blocks

    carta mundi

      Hello, i want to make a basic pricing in mine animations, like the attachment...


      So that i can easy change some prices..normally i make a .png with the price in it...but every week i must change this items.

      So i thought i make a symbol, like a block with a number...when the price change i edit the block and change the number.

      ( like the example...3 blocks with numbers.. and 1 with dots and stripe)

      But when i import a symbol and change it...all blocks are changing...;-(


      So i thought i make 1 image with all the numbers in it...and with clipping tool i can change the number by swipe in the range.


      This works...but for the use of it in several animations, i thought i make a symbol, but then again, everything change in the same number...


      Anybody a suggestion what maybe the best to do??


      It's major for the price in the blocks..but maybe i also want to create it for the "before"price...and i have to make them for 4 different languages..


      Thanks anyway, marcel

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          Portal2thePacific Level 1

          If you are going for a simple route why not just create one individual png for each number 0-9 and name the numbers you are currently using in the project a.png, b.png, c.png and then all you have to do is replace the 3  png files with your premade numbers. Simple as renaming 3 files and dragging them in the folder. That way you never even have to open animate to update it.

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            carta mundi Level 1

            thanks...you mean in the UI like the attachment....or in the code...??Schermafdruk 2014-09-11 14.43.38.jpg

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              Portal2thePacific Level 1

              So basically in your comp you load in 3 images with the names


              a.png, b.png, c.png


              and animate them accordingly.


              These A,B,C photos are now in your projects image folder.


              In a sub folder you have 10 images that represent your numbers.. 0.png, 1.png, 2.png, etc.


              When ever you wana change the 3 numbers in your composition all you need to do is copy the 3 numbers you'd like to use in your comp from you sub folder and paste them in your compositions image folder and re-name them to a.png, b.png, c.png and overwrite the pre existing number images.


              Which put simply means you are updating the numbers in the competition just by dragging and dropping a couple images from one folder to the other.


              You could even add blank png's if you wanted a double digit.


              Although I should point out that there are better ways of doing this but you would need a custom script and CMS which I donno how to do or have money to have someone do for me.