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    Integrating app with site design

    Stew Padaso
      Just finished a flex project and the client asked that it have the sites current look and feel "around the app". So the designer built an HTML page with space where the flex project should be. What is the best way to integrate my project into this HTML? I have not worked with the design aspect of flex, so I don't know if I should bring the HTML into Flex or bring Flex into the HTML. Thanks in advance for the advice.
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          peterent Level 2
          If you've been using Flex Builder then you should be familiar with the html-template and bin directories. When your SWF is compiled, Flex Builder also generates a set of HTML and JavaScript files. You should take those files and look to see how the Flash Player is embedded on the page. The reason for the document.write statements is to circumvent a "feature" in IE that requires you to click on an ActiveX control before it will become interactive. Using document.write bypasses that, for some reason.

          Once you understand how the page works, use those files to create your own HTML page with your customer's requirements.