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    MovieClip Problam

      for better explaination pls see my fla file which is attache here & I have some quation about it as under]
      My Fla is Here

      1) here i make plain circle, but problam is my all circle open in fornt side, i want to that all my circle in background
      2) here i make fill circle mc, all hide with this code, but problam is all circle come in background
      3) here u can find selection option, selection option is wroking, but same problam, it work in background, & hide my all MC (that Plain Circle also) and highlight only which we select

      i want to create plain circle in background, after that some one want to slecte that palin circle highlight that circle only with fill circle

      thanks for reply
      Praful Damania
      My Fla is Here