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    OT: Last Years Adobe Hack Makes New Zeland TV News

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      This will make you smile   The huge Adobe hack from last year, is being touted as possibly compromising Internet security of some hi8gh level members of our Spy Agency.  It's all been happening here in the last couple of weeks, with embarrassing leaks from places that shouldn't leak, so it looks like they have found a scape-goat.


      Top level Kiwis hit by global Adobe hack - National News | TVNZ


      BTW  The Spy base is so secret, it has its own entry on Wikipedia:



      A few years ago, protesters got onto the base — it would not have been hard — and sliced the inflated dome with craft knifes.  The base claimed something like NZ$2,000,000 worth of damage, so I don't know where they get their inflatable covers from?


      Apologies for the mainly off topic post.