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    RH 11 - Search results don't always find pdf

    Deb Newman

      I am having an issue with RoboHelp finding one PDF file when we do a search with WebHelp Output. The original file was called Plagio_parent_hand_out.pdf. We also had it in as You_Can_Prevent_Baby_Flathead.pdf


      Flathead was the search term. The term was also inserted as a keyword in the file properties and the term was in the actual PDF content as well.


      We did a search and webhelp didn't find the PDF files. It found the file in the topic that I had a link in but it did not list the PDF in the search results.

      Then I decided to see if it would find the same file if it were a word ".docx" file. It found the file Plagio_parent_hand_out.docx but not the PDF.

      Then I renamed the file to Plagio-BabyFlathead PDF and brought it in to the project files.


      This time it found it.


      So why didn't it find the file all the times that we tested to find that one file. Not once did it find the file. I made sure that the baggage file was inside of RoboHelp project as well.


      Also tested the search using the multifunction HTML5 layout. We got the same results as in WebHelp.


      I'm glad we finally fixed our problem but we are just trying to understand why this would happen so we can prevent it from happening again.