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    Digital Editions crashes repeatedly (Win8.1 x64)--could it be the content?


      I'm a new user of ADE. I downloaded and installed version 3.0 (full: to be able to access an ebook from a technical training publisher.  Once I downloaded the book and associated my device with my Adobe ID, I started reading.  Almost immediately I had an app crash.  I got back in and was able to get a couple hundred pages into the book. However, when I tried to start another module/chapter, it crashed again ("Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 has stopped working. / A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. / [Debug] [Close Program]). Choosing "Debug" brings me back to the same error dialog message, but without the "Debug" option.


      • It happens immediately if I try to navigate to any specific item in the document TOC/Outline.
      • If reading page by page, it appears to happen randomly.
      • If navigating via the scollbar, it happens if I rapidly move through pages.
      • If navigating via the scollbar (one page at a time), it happens when moving between modules/chapters most of the time.


      If this a bug in the ADE software? Has anyone else experienced this issue or is it a compatibility issues with my specific system specifications (Win8.1 Pro running on a 1st generation SurfacePro)? I've seen numerous threads on Win8/8.1 compatibility on version 2.0. Could it be a problem with the ASCM document that I'm accessing?

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          Prabhanjan Level 1



          Please send us the crash details. You can get this by following the below process:

          When ADE crashes, it throws a "ADE 3.0 has stopped working" dialog box.

          Click on the "View Program details" drop down.

          Copy/ Paste the entire content here.



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            HikingStick Level 1

            The only dialog box that appears is the one I described, with the [Debug] and [Close] options. As described in my original post, choosing Debug simply brings me back to the same dialog box after a brief interlude. There is no "Program Details" link or drop down. You may need to revise your support documentation to reflect recent changes to the program's interaction with the host OS.

            I did find details in Windows' Reliability Monitor (which captures details typically stored in the event log):




            A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.


            Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions 3.0\DigitalEditions.exe




            Problem Event Name: AppHangB1


            Application Name: DigitalEditions.exe


            Application Version:


            Application Timestamp: 535a4005


            Hang Signature: be5f


            Hang Type: 134217984


            OS Version: 6.3.9600.


            Locale ID: 1033


            Additional Hang Signature 1: be5ffddd49dfa912aed9489f63600111


            Additional Hang Signature 2: cd8b


            Additional Hang Signature 3: cd8b4cdbe6d8278ea7e3471b5309c4de


            Additional Hang Signature 4: be5f


            Additional Hang Signature 5: be5ffddd49dfa912aed9489f63600111


            Additional Hang Signature 6: cd8b


            Additional Hang Signature 7: cd8b4cdbe6d8278ea7e3471b5309c4de




            Bucket ID: e671ec05d6d786f51fc2bbd43d25f9d3 (50)