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    Footage with refine (hard/soft) matte locks refuses to refresh


      I'm working with a lot of keyed footage, and getting some good results with the refine hard/soft matte effects. However, I'm noticing that these have an effect on the footage that 'locks' the cached version of a frame, so if you make a change to a mask or other filter on the footage, it won't refresh until I deactivate the refine effect before making the changes. Then when I reapply the effect, the frame reverts to how it was before! If I render a movie like this then I get flash-frames of cached results inserted in the movie.


      The only way to get the frame to update is to deactivate the refine effect, purge RAM and disk cache, and then turn the refine effect back on. Which sort of defeats the purpose of having a disk cache...


      Hope this makes sense, and that someone can help.


      Cheers - Chris