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    URL Parameters are not passed to the Application


      I want to read url parameters

      the Application has 'parameters' variable, however the only this I get is

      lconid=<some Number>

      if I pass anything else I do not get it

      I checked the html generated and it has the following line

      "src", "xSA",
      "width", "100%",
      "height", "100%",
      "align", "middle",
      "id", "xSA",
      "quality", "high",
      "bgcolor", "#869ca7",
      "name", "xSA",
      "flashvars",'historyUrl=history.htm%3F&lconid=' + lc_id + '',
      "type", "application/x-shockwave-flash",
      "pluginspage", " http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer"

      can I instruct the compiler when generating the HTML template to pass all the parameters coming from the URL
      or the only option I have is to generate this template myself passing the URL params via Java Script

      do you guys have any java script code to pass the param

      any help is appreciated