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    Flash MSI incorrect

    Baigley Level 1

      The latest Adobe Flash version on the licensing distribution site is the incorrect version.

      As you can see, the hyperlink for the MSI download is still version 14.

           Provided Link:  http://download.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/licensing/win/install_flash_player_ 14_active_x.msi



      I have confirmed after downloading that the version is

      Changing the 14 to a 15 in the address, I am able to download the proper version.    

                Proper Version:     http://download.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/licensing/win/install_flash_player_ 15_active_x.msi


      The EXE also appears to be incorrect, but I did not confirm.


      Thank you.