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    Some questions about workflow with Code window and Actions panel

    Harmony Starr

      If I have the Code window open and want to add a new action to an element (by right clicking and choosing "Open Actions..."), the program doesn't respond. I have to close the Code window in order to open the Actions panel. Then add the Action then close the panel and reopen the Code window. There isn't a way that I can see to have Actions open and Code open at the same time.


      Actions isn't even considered a "Window" as it cannot be opened from that drop down menu. It also only floats - you can't dock it anywhere.


      I do know that you can click on the tiny icon to the right of the name of the element in the Properties panel to "Open Actions". But that only works one time. Say I've added a click event to an element using that icon, but then I also want to add a Mouseout event. If I click that icon again the panel is outlined in orange but nothing happens.


      This is slowing me down having to open and close windows every time I add a new action. Am I missing something? Is there some secret keystoke I'm supposed to use to add an action without having to use the Actions window. I prefer to have the Code panel open so I can easily hope around code for different elements. This division between Action and Code is unintuitive and inefficient.