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    Error displaying HTML response from HTTP Form Submission




      We have built a custom software solution that uses Acrobat Reader to submit PDF forms (designed in Acrobat Pro) to a custom HTTP handler service for processing. Once the service is finished, it returns an HTML response page to the Reader client, either indicating success, or explaining any failure conditions that were discovered. I'm not doing anything fancy or unusual here: we place a Button on each PDF and attach the following Javascript fragment to it:



          cUrl: 'http://url.of.server.local/pdfsubmit/pdfsubmit.ashx/Parameters/To/Service',

          cSubmitAs: 'PDF'



      In most cases this works just fine. The Reader client receives the HTML response and displays it in a new browser window for the user to review. However, on certain user's machines, Reader instead produces an error that says:


      "An error occurred during the submit process. Cannot process content of type text/html; charset=utf-8."


      That is the correct content type for our response: text/html, utf-8, but this exact same content display fine on other clients. As far as we can determine, the 'working' and 'broken' client machines have identical version of Acrobat, identical settings, etc. These are enterprise-managed PCs so they are very tightly controlled, and we can't locate any possible source of differences between the two sets of clients.


      Has anyone see this behavior before, and is there anything we can do to get more useful information from Reader as to why it refuses to display the response page?