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    Go from LR to PS with edit a copy


      Only about once in a hundred when going from LR to PS do I get a dialog box with choices for "edit a copy with lightroom input"   or "edit a copy"  How do I go from LR to PS and always see that dialog box that will allow me to edit a copy with Lightroom input?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If LR and PS-ACR are matched versions and you are editing a raw file you should never see this question.  The question normally shows up when LR and PS-ACR aren’t matched versions, and it might also happen when you are editing an image file other than a raw file, like a JPG or TIF.


          I would question why you always want a copy with LR adjustments, when this is what you get when it doesn’t ask the question, because Camera Raw is rendering the file on the way into PS the same as if LR had rendered it on the way out of PS, but without the overhead of an extra file write and read, but if you really want this, then you can define Photoshop.exe as an third-party external editor—the lower half of in the LR / Preferences / External Editing panel.