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    Premeire Elements 12 publish process seems slow


      I am running Premiere Elements 12 on a Lenovo W520 laptop, Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit), i7 4-core, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD, NVIDIA Quadro (96 CUDA cores)  . While the edit performance has been an improvement over my previous PC, the publish steps seem slow to me, and I am wondering if I missed a config option. I am currently trying to publish ~35 minutes of video (comprised of a few dozen segments edited together, but shot from the same Nikon 5200). I selected AVCHD as an output device (local file)  so I could combine this output with a few others on a final disk. It has been ~5 hours, and I am at 89% complete. During the process the CPUs, memory, and disk have all shown nominal performance, seldom spiking above 50% activity (for the last 30 minutes as I watched, both CPU and memory have stayed below %40 utilization). Surprisingly the network shows a lot of activity, even after I shut down the wireless card.


      During the edit, I rendered the project, and it took less than a couple of minutes to complete.


      It only seems odd to me, as yesterday I published a ~6 minute video, comprised of multiple segments from 4 different cameras in less than 30 minutes.


      Are there any setup steps to make Premiere use more resources to complete the job faster? Maybe the windows task manager is reporting info back to me incorrectly?