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    Why am I unable to scroll down in Adobe InDesign when my page - and objects - are obviously below what I can see?

    naturescape_peopletecture Level 1



      My InDesign CS6 has been doing this ever since I uninstalled and reinstalled on new machine.  At first it wasn't that bad and thought I would live with it and just hit Ctrl+0 and get the page to fit window.  But scrolling up and down in the program should be something I can always do and I need to get to the bottom of this.


      Details:  I am someone who uses a combination of the alt key and my mouse scroll wheel  to zoom in and out of a document quickly. Well, when I do this from far away (say... 25% zoom) and go to zoom in InDesign moves my layout page randomly down so the bottom half of my page is below the Indesign viewing Window and the top half of my page is above.  It's very clear that there is a "snap" that takes my page there. The most annoying part is that even though half of my layout page is off the bottom of the program viewing window, as you can see from the screen shot, there is no option to vertically scroll to center my page in viewing window (using mouse wheel - or vertical bar within program).


      I know this is a small issue - But i never had it with my CS6 on my old machine. Is there a setting I do not know about?  Like with Guides or something?


      Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks,