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    dishmael Level 1
      I've been doing development on a server that uses standard HTTP for transmission. When I moved the Flex app over to production system which uses HTTPS, I'm getting an error:

      IO Error: Error #2038: File I/O Error. URL: https://my.site.com/fileupload.php?customparam=test

      The error doesn't really tell me anything so I'm not sure what the issue is. The application works perfectly over HTTP but chokes over HTTPS. Can someone lend a little help my way?
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          peterent Level 2
          What happens when you enter that https url into a browser? Are you presented with a challenge? Do you have a valid certificate?

          Try it with IE and Firefox, the results are usually different (standards, you know).
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            dishmael Level 1
            I tried going directly to the web page using both IE and Firefox with the expected result. I also monitor the logs and can see when the page is actually called. The URLRequest doesn't even make the call to the remote web server.
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              peterent Level 2
              That doesn't seem right. In the cases (thus far) where http works and https does not, the browser still sends the request, but the request is either rejected out of hand by the server because there is no certificate or the server responds with a challenge but it isn't handled by the browser.

              Are you using a sniffer to see that the request is not being sent?
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                dishmael Level 1
                I used a sniffer and the Flex application is in fact making the call to the server. I can see the HTTPS certificate negotiation; however the Flex app never calls the actual page. Is there a way to view more detail about the I/O error reported by Flex so I can pin point the exact issue? As I said before, the web page functions correctly when accessing it directly through a browser so I know it works, there's got to be something small thats being missed.
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                  dishmael Level 1
                  I think I may have found the issue. I re-read the docs for URLRequest and came across this...


                  Flash Player does not offer complete support for servers that require authentication. Only SWF files that are running in a browser using the browser plug-in or ActiveX control can provide a dialog box to prompt the user to enter a user name and password for authentication, and then only for downloads. For uploads using the plug-in or ActiveX control or upload/download using either the stand-alone or external player, the file transfer fails.

                  Can someone clarify that statement? Does that mean the upload/download doesn't work when the server requires authentication? Is there a way to send the authentication via a URLRequestHeader?