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    Develop Basic tools change between photos

    Catherine Balck

      I have some photos taken in 2011 and when I opened them to edit, the tools under the "basic" tab were different than the tools available on a recent photo.  They are similar but I am wondering why they would be different.  I used the same camera and lenses, and of course I am using the same version of Light Room to edit both images.


      The recent tool listing is:  Temp, Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation


      The older tool listing is: Temp, Tint, Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation


      Since the settings are very different between the two tool listings, I need to have a different work flow.  I would rather just have one for all my light room images.  Anyone seen this before?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, this is a difference in Process Version, which you can select in the Settings menu across the top as well as in the Camera Calibration at the bottom of the righthand column in Develop.


          The older and the newer settings aren’t completely interchangeable, meaning you cannot update a PV2010 image to PV2012 and not have something change with how it looks, so Adobe chose to not convert and therefore change the look of old images to the new PV automatically. 


          If you are needing to actually adjust some older images and want to try the newer controls go ahead and change the PV of the specific image and see if you can live with the conversion to the newer settings, and if not step back in history to before the change in PV and continue to use the older controls.


          If you only ever imported the older images and never did any adjustments then it probably would be fine to update them to PV2012 before starting the edits, but in general, because there is no PV2012 equivalent for PV2010 settings, I’d advise against doing wholesale conversion of PV for large groups of image in case the look is degraded.

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            Catherine Balck Level 1

            Thank you so much for the informative reply!  I figured it was a version issue, and now know how to proceed.