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    pop up blockers

    dbr 200
      I got the information on how to create a link to a new window that is a different size from the one that's open by using Level 4 Open Browser. I thought when I first set this up that the window wasn't blocked by popup blockers but now it seems it is, at least in Firefox. I put # where it says "link" and the other behaviors (rollover, swap image) is imported from Fireworks. (I know, bad way to do it but I didn't know that before) How should this be set up to not be blocked? I've got new windows that open that are narrower, to show images as one scrolls down.

      Also am very unfamiliar with code, so if anyone can help by using the DW tools that would be great.

      Another thing is, I read on one of the forum posts that there's a way to set up a link so it opens if javascript is unavailable- but when I put in the link as well, it opens two windows, one the narrow one and one at normal size.
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          dbr 200 Level 1
          I solved my problem- I had put the behaviors on img instead of <a>

          But i have a different problem, in that Firefox won't put a scroll bar on the window. It works fine in Safari. Regardless of the vertical size of the window. If I make it as high as it actually is, 6000 pp, it just shows part of it. Still no scroll bar.