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    an unbelievable experience: trying to download ADE version 2


      Dear friends,


      Allow me to relate a short but painful would-be User Experience.


      I have a friend who's nearly 70, who's currently studying Digital Publishing. My friend, let's call her IM, uses an old core2duo iMac running OS 10.68. IM is moderately computer-literate - uses Facebook, Word, Wordpress etc.


      For the course of study, IM was referred to an Adobe video about Digital Publishing using the ePub format that recommended viewers download the latest ADE 4


      So IM downloaded and installed ADE 4. It installed but of course wouldn't run. So here's the first issue - why doesn't the Installer check system specs Before installing and notify users? Why wait till the hapless user tries to run the application they believe they've successfully installed?


      At that point I tried to help, and we downloaded ADE 3 after we read the tech specs from https://www.adobe.com/au/products/digital-editions/tech-specs.html


      Which state:

      Mac OS

          Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor

          Mac OS X v10.6 or later

          512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)

          75MB of available hard-disk space


      Again installation proceeded successfully, but then the application wouldn't launch delivering a popup message that a minimum of OS 10.7 is required!




      So then we found a link allegedly to ADE 2.01 on https://www.adobe.com/au/products/digital-editions/download.html


      But this link leads back to ADE 3


      I go back to my computer and find a route to Adobe LiveChat - to be informed that Adobe don't support ADE and to be advised that I should ask my question in the forums.


      I say, so what you're telling me is that you can't or won't send me a link to download ADE 2 from your own servers, and that I should ask other users where the link is?


      I provide a fair amount of tech support in our household - we have a spread of ages from 23 to 68 - we've all used computers and internet for years. Experiences like this are frustratingly common - and turn less tech savvy users and possibly large demographics away from the net. But I was surprised to find this happening on Adobe.


      Thanks for any assistance.