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    Matching my Nikon D7000 preview

    grwiffen Level 1

      I am having real trouble getting Phtoshop/Raw to mimic the colouring on the preview screen of my Nikon D7000.

      The preview screen is accurate to my eye, for colour rendition, but when I import the raw files and edit using RAW/CS5, I cannot get the colours to match.

      This tends to happen in sunsets in particular, where dusky pinks are not rendered correctly, ending up too orange in hue.

      I have tried many editing changes, hue/saturation/camera profiles etc. but cannot get it to match.

      Any help / advice gratefully received.


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          ACR is not designed to emulate any of the manufacturers software, in camera or otherwise.  It is designed to give you the most natural rendering possible, and the auto settings are only a starting point.


          You are expected to learn how to use ACR.


          If you cannot, or if you really prefer the over-saturated, over-sharpened, over-contrasty look that camera manufacturers know appeal to most amateurs, then stick to the Nikon software.  You can even shoot only JPEGs and forget about the raw conversion process.


          What you see is as designed.

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            grwiffen Level 1

            Hi Station Two

            I get the Auto settings are a starting point. ACR I stated, I have tried quite a few ACR editing options to try and emulate the correct colouring that was seen in situ. I am asking for help in trying to colour-correct using with ACR or CS5.

            Thanks Graham

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              Try to read books and tutorials, as well as to watch video tutorials, on Camera Raw and Photoshop.  Google and you'll find a lot of them.


              The best of the books were the Real World Adobe Camera Raw series from Jeff Schewe (initially with the late Bruce Fraser). They stopped releasing them after CS4 or CS6.


              Jeff Schewe has one now called the Digital Negative, I believe.


              Adobe TV could have good video tutorials too.


              Adobe TV


              What you are asking for in your last post is practically to be taught ACR and Photoshop from the ground up, and that exceeds the scope of any forum.


              One other important factor to keep in mind is that you are leaving a lot of image quality behind if you are converting your raw files in a version earlier than ACR 7.4, which requires at least CS6 to run.  The current version is ACR 8.6.


              It's a shame not to get the best quality you can from your Nikon camera.