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    LR 5, Photoshop Camera raw



      Since I have upgraded to LR5, I get  this message when I want to modify the image in Photoshop. I have upgraded to Camera Raw 8.6, but nothing change. I use Photoshop CS5 Extended, version 12.0.4 x32 (Windows 7 Pro). What can I do to fix it ?




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          effeegee Level 2

          I have the same problem with a similar English display whenever handing a file to Photoshop as external editor. This is my understanding.  Photoshop CS5 Extended cannot use ACR 8.6 it stops at ACR 6.7(?). Lightroom 5.x operates using newer ACR technology versions.  Updating ACR beyond 6.7 is not possible without updating Photoshop to CS6 and all that that implies with Creative Cloud etc.

          You have to 'Rendu dans Lightroom'. 'Ne plus afficher' - not part of my display when going to Photoshop for HDR - presumably would make 'Rendu dans Lightroom' the default action.

          I remain uncertain as to whether there are significant or substantial disadvantages to doing continuing to use Lightroom in this way.

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            DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

            Lightroom 5.6 uses the equivalent of Adobe Camera Raw 8.6. ( Adobe Camera Raw is built into Lightroom it does not use the ACR Plugin which is used by Photoshop CS)


            Photoshop CS5 can only use ACR 6.x. (You can check the help menu in Photoshop CS5 to see which version of Adobe Camera Raw Plugin is installed there)


            That is why you are seeing the warning message indicating there is a mismatch. You need to select the choice "Render using Lightroom" and Lightroom will create a tiff or psd file and send on to PS CS5 for further processing. If you use the choice "Open anyway" the file will be opened by Adobe Camera Raw version 6.x which may not be able to carry out all the edits you may have done in Lightroom 5.6

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              MickL Level 1

              Thank you for the info. By the way (for effeegee) it's possible to get

              an upgrade to CS6 (not Cloud) by downloading on Adobe Website. Not easy

              to find, use "search"

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                    LR 5, Photoshop Camera raw


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