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    Installing my ZXP for InDesign with Extension Manager installs in InDesign Debug

    perigee_rde Level 1

      Hi everybuddy,


      I have a ZXP I try to install with the Extension Manager CC. This ZXP contains a plugin which should be installed for InDesign CC 2014. At installation, the Extension Manager installs this plugin in InDesign CC 2014 Debug:

      /Applications/Adobe InDesign CC 2014 Debug/Plug-Ins

      instead of

      /Applications/Adobe InDesign CC 2014/Plug-Ins


      Here is the content of my mxi:

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <macromedia-extension id="fr.perigee.java.autocat.autocat.indesign.zxp.zxpsigncmd" name="Digital Express for Mac And Windows for INDESIGN_CC_2014" version="1.5.1">


        <description href="http://www.perigee.fr/cmsms/index.php/fr_FR/nos-solutions-new/perigee-digital-express.html"><![CDATA[Digital Express]]></description>

        <ui-access><![CDATA[Accessible through standard InDesign extension menu]]></ui-access>



          <product familyname="InDesign" version="10.0" maxVersion="10.9" />


        <author name="FOT Technologies" />


          <file source="mac/INDESIGN_CC_2014/" destination="$indesign/Plug-Ins/Autocat/" products="InDesign" platform="mac" minVersion="10.0" maxVersion="10.9" />



      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --

      Anyway, the Extension Builder should not install anything in InDesign Debug, shouldn't it? May this be an Extension Builder bug, or an issue in the configuration, making it confusing between InDesign and InDesign Debug? Is there a workaround?